Next door to the Finca there is a Riding Establishment where our guests can rent horses, go on treks through the desert and to the sea, or take a lesson in our BHS approved 20x40 arena.
All abilities catered for. If you can, bring your own riding hat and boots or shoes with a heel.
The Hipica has some hats available and trainers/sneakers are accepted on less demanding rides.
Hípica Aguamarga
Hípica Aguamarga is situated at La Joya de Agua Amarga, only 1.5km (0.9 miles) from the centre of the village and the Mediterranean Sea, next door to Finca los Tigres.
 The Hípica comprises three stable blocks, a Picadero (riding ring), a 20x40 riding manege and large fenced in fields for controlled outdoor riding.
From the Hipica various bridle paths lead to nearby beaches, through canyons reminiscent of the Wild West.
The buildings are brand new and of the highest quality. They are always exemplary in appearance and cleanliness, as are the horses.
And for non-riders there is a pleasant bar area to wait for the riders, have some refreshments or get out of the sun.

The Hipica has a variety of horses, donkeys and ponies but they are all calm, friendly, sturdy and sure-footed, perfect for trekking and riding on the beaches: they love to swim, too! You are welcome to help groom them and make friends with them.
When they are not working they will be out grazing right underneath the terraces of Finca Los Tigres and you can follow your horse as he or she plays with the others.
Meet The Horses
Selma, Blume, Khalifa and Lady are all sweeties, patient and calm.
You can ride them as a beginner but they are very willing to go forward and oblige a more experienced rider.

Riding Selma under the Finca in the 20x40 Manege.

Khalifa patiently waiting for his rider.

La Rubia (The Blonde) having a
well-deserved snack!
Tacking up at the stables
Mississippi and Rubia are good all-rounders, calm and sure-footed on the treks through the Natural Park's hills and canyons.

Mississippi after a workout


Paula and Mari-Luz are a mother-daughter team of cuddly tiny ponies.

Tomatito, also small with a reddish coat and mane, is the favourite of the owners' small relatives.

Mari-Luz being tacked up. Little kids love her!

Donkeys And Mules

The Hipica has, at any time, a number of donkeys and mules which are often rescued from terrible circumstances.

They love to be stroked but still have to learn that humans can be kind, so treat them with respect.

Young Horses
The Hípica usually has a group of foals and young horses who are being trained. They are always in for a carrot or an apple and love to cuddle! Cabo is our newest addition, a true asset for the Hipica.

Cabo and his Mama
  Please Note:
 It is your responsibility to ensure that you take out your own travel insurance and we strongly advise that you ensure it covers you for any activities you intend to take part in i.e. riding, skiing, diving etc.
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